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An annual membership in PABA helps support the newest and one of the most effective business & taxpayer organizations representing the fastest growing residential area and largest Employer area of Calgary. if not Alberta.

We have memberships for the individual taxpayer, business networker and business owner. Your contributions help us focus our time on influencing government on your behalf in an effort to have responsible and accountable government at all levels, including helping recruit pro-business candidates in upcoming elections. 

PABA was formed in response to the ever increasing taxation and increased fees on business and residential taxpayers in Calgary.

We feel it is time for an aggressive voice to represent those in Calgary's Industrial heartbeat which is the Peigan area. We have the highest employment areas in Calgary while creating over $3 Billion a year in GDP a year an millions in residential taxes.
  • The MLA's in our area of representation are Minister Tanya Fir and Minister Ric McIver.  We have a front row seat to how Alberta will invest millions of dollars into making Alberta OPEN FOR BUSINESS. You need to stay informed to participate and benefit.
  • We must hold City Council accountable in dealing with outrageous business taxes and growing residential property taxes.
  • For decades business taxes have propped up city spending. Calgary has one of the worst business to residential tax ratios in Canada. Despite paying most of the bill we are last on the list for badly needed infrastructure and city services. Let us know what city services you need to make your business more profitable.
  • We are actively working with the new Alberta Minister for Red Tape Reduction to make it easier for businesses to process permits, get answers, and deal with provincial regulations. We are fighting for the same support at the City level.
As a PABA member you get to voice your specific issues. You get to be part of the solution. Help PABA help you be more effective, more profitable and ensure you get the services you pay taxes for without paying too much for nothing. 

You can choose your support for PABA in one of the following membership packages:
  • INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP - Annual membership Fee of $25 plus GST – This supports our efforts in keeping taxes low on residential taxpayers and includes our monthly newsletter.
  • INTERACT NETWORKING - Annual membership Fee of $125 plus GST - This allows you to attend all networking events hosted by PABA and / or our affiliates, members pricing for trade shows and our monthly newsletter.
  • CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP - Annual membership Fee of $250 plus GST - This allows you to attend all networking events hosted by PABA and / or our affiliates, members pricing for trade shows, a listing in our on-line business directory and our monthly newsletter.

Please choose your membership support and fill in the form below and one of our representatives will call you for payment. If you need further clarification please call our Steve Chapman at 403-797-0043 or by email to

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