Our President

A lifelong Conservative and Entrepreneur

Our President of the Peigan Area Business Association (PABA) is David Aftergood. The following is a little bit about Mr. Aftergood.

David is a lifelong Conservative, starting out as a Conservative youth during Peter Lougheed's days through to Ralph Klein’s stewardship up until today under the leadership of Jason Kenney. He has been a passionate conservative volunteer. David has worked on numerous federal and provincial political campaigns in Calgary and has been a dedicated Wildrose supporter and now a United Conservative Party supporter. David has continually contributed his time, energy and support to help strengthen the community and create opportunity.

He is a small businessman who is passionate about keeping Alberta fiscally sound while maintaining its competitive advantages. David believes the key to prosperity is rooted in Alberta’s entrepreneurial drive and its spirit of self-reliance that has helped Alberta become a beacon of free enterprise and hope for all Canadians. That status is under attack from an NDP led big government philosophy that believes the way to prosperity is to raise taxes on hard working Albertan’s, carbon taxes, increased minimum wage and payroll taxes to the size and scope of Alberta’s bureaucracy! Help David fight against this wrong approach, help him stand up for you, for the Peigna area and for Alberta!

David brings his extensive knowledge of working with governments and businesses to the people of Calgary Foothills. He served as a political advisor with the Canadian Federal Government in various Cabinet Ministers offices from 1984 to 1991, a career highlighted by his position as a Special Assistant in the Prime Minister’s Office. Following his years in Ottawa, David returned to Calgary and became a businessman providing management services and strategic advice to small businesses and multinational corporations. His broad private sector experience includes owning and operating small businesses along with involvement in the development of unique resorts, hotels, healthcare and technology based companies. David has been involved in the development and construction of special use buildings that has contributed to the cultural vibrancy of our city. David donates his time to worthwhile programs like Inn from the Cold and working in the kitchen providing meals at the Calgary Drop in Centre.

David is a results oriented, roll up the sleeves and get down to business kind of guy. He offers to the constituents of Calgary Foothills a determined approach combining a unique understanding of business coupled with extensive government knowledge to help keep the government accountable for its actions.

David currently owns The Road King and Wok & Grill 4949 Barlow Trail SE

David previously graduated with an honours degree in Economics from McGill University and obtained a post graduate degree in Economics from the University of Saskatchewan. He is married and has raised his three children in NW Calgary.